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Dynamite Pavers in Gulf City offers a great selection of colors and designs. Whether you are looking to rebuild or have a new project on the mind, we have solution for you. Our services include but are only limited by your imagination;

  • Brick Paver Driveways in Gulf City
  • Pool Decks or Pool Coping in Gulf City
  • Brick Paver Patios Gulf City
  • Brick Paver walkways

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We will help you design a brick paver hardscape that best suits your landscape and family needs. We use the highest quality pavers, Belgard Pavers, Flagstone Pavers and others to choose from that are manufactured locally in Gulf City, Florida. Our installers have over 25+ years of workmanship who know their stuff. Our guys won’t hesitate to stop, show you and explain why adding something hear or taking something away there will make it paver area function better. Dynamite Pavers in Gulf City can come to you so you can touch and feel the different types of pavers we offer. We want our customers to be happy with their brick paver purchase long after we install it. That is why we only offer the best in customer service and top quality products. When you are ready for

Patio Brick Pavers Gulf City

Brick Paver Patios built by Dynamite Pavers allow you to enjoy the Florida weather on a hard stable surface rather than the damp grass. A brick paver patio in the backyard adds another room to the house and a great place for family gatherings. Call Dynamite Pavers today and find out how we can transform your backyard – 813-928-4676

When creating a unique and long lasting hardscape, we feel three basic principles are essential to creating a great landscape:

  • Incorporating classic design and yard integration
  • Professional engineering and installation
  • Diverse material selection

Garden Brick Pavers Gulf City Florida

Brick pavers make for a more elegant material to use for making plant beds. Brick pavers will naturally blend with flowers, shrubs or trees as well as give your home a classic touch.

Brick Paver Patios in Gulf City Florida

When considering the type of patio pavers the choice is more often than not brick pavers. They are chosen because of their durability, low maintenance, and are available in an endless array of colors and styles. They also naturally blend to any furniture or design elements that will be added in the area.

Brick Paver Sidewalks Gulf City Fl

Countries in Europe have replaced their concrete slab sidewalks with brick paver sidewalks, which have given those countries a unique feel to them.

Why Choose Brick Pavers

Brick Pavers in Gulf City Florida

There are a number of reasons to choose brick pavers for your project. We have listed just a few of those reasons below:

  • 1. Brick Pavers Appearance: There are a wide range of surface finishes available, from smooth to heavily textured. There are also many colors, shapes, and laying patterns available that can compliment the specific architectural style of you home.
  • 2. Initial Cost and Installation: The price of having brick pavers installed is almost the same as having a concrete driveway or patio poured. Brick pavers are tightly fitted, uniform units that are placed over a sand bed and compacted to form a base. The final product is a beautiful new area that is immediately ready for use.
  • 3. Maintenance: Stained or broken brick pavers can be easily replaced without patches. Dark colored pavers can even help hide stains. Ants and weeds in joints can be prevented with a sealer or herbicides.
  • 4. Aesthetic: The ornate beauty of our brick pavers adds value and visual appeal to any property! The pattern possibilities that we provide are virtual unlimited.
  • 5. Reusable: Pavers can be removed and replaced with ease. This allows access to existing utilities or the placement of new ones.
  • 6: Safety Features: Certain color combinations can provide our customers the ability to designate or highlight safety areas such as pedestrian crossings, school zones and hazards. Furthermore, the use of light colors, together with a strong surface texture improves the overall safety of your walkway at night. Not to mention the fact that pavers have a non-skid surface even when wet.
  • 7: No Surface Cracking: Pavers are a segmental paving system which allows for expansion and contraction without producing surface cracks, unlike that of the monolithic concrete surfaces and stamped concrete.

Where Can Brick Pavers Be Layed

Typical areas of where someone may consider laying brick pavers are:

  • Patios of all types – Pool Patios are great, create a front or backyard brick paver patio
  • Driveway Pavers in Gulf City – Having a brick paver driveway makes a front yard stand out from the rest
  • Town Centers – Town centers that choose brick pavers add to the festive nature
  • Brick Paver Roads and Paver Sidewalks – Brick paver roads are a great way to class up a neighborhood
  • Parking Lots – Public and private parking lots benefit from the durability of pavers

Why Choose Us ?If you have decided that brick pavers are for you, then look no further than us here at Paver Pros. We pride ourselves on providing top quality craftsmanship at an affordable price. Our installers have years of experience in the

Types of Brick Pavers

There are three basic types of paver materials manufactured, natural stone, brick and concrete. Within these simple materials there are hundreds upon hundreds of different styles and colors. Since concrete pavers are actually a manufactured product, colors (we have many books for you to look through to help decide) are introduced during the manufacturing process to produce a wide range of strong, bright colors that resist sun and fading. Manufactured pavers are interlocking, which makes them particularly easy to install. Lay them side by side to create neat borders that separate your lawn and garden or stack them in a low wall to make a raised bed. You can use concrete pavers, as well as natural stone or clay bricks, to create beautiful, intricate designs on walkways and patios. There are also several specialized types of pavers available, such as permeable pavers that allow water to seep through them and help prevent flooding and erosion. Permeable pavers are made from either concrete or asphalt with small voids between the stones or bricks that allow water to drain down into the soil below.

Brick pavers are made of clay, which is very strong and resistant to stains. Brick also offers timeless design appeal and presents a quiet, stately elegance when used on pathways, patios and more. Concrete pavers are made of molded concrete mixed with aggregate.

Natural stone will often be used for pathways, walkways, edging or on patios. Brick is extremely versatile and durable and can be used on pathways, driveways and as edging or patio material. Natural stone pavers, such as flagstone or fieldstone, are very attractive and are the most expensive type. Precast concrete pavers are a uniform size and are specifically designed for outdoor use, although you should check with the manufacturer about durability for use in driveways or other high traffic areas. If you are planning to use pavers for a pathway, make sure to plan to allow at least 3′ of width. If you are building a driveway, measure your vehicles and allow enough space with the doors open for people to exit and move comfortably around the car.

  • Flagstone is generally used for paver patios, paver walkways, stepping stones or even indoors
  • The uniform size of precast pavers simplifies planning and measurement
  • Use simple paver patterns in small areas and save ornate designs for larger expanses
  • Brick can be stacked or laid flat for a cleaner look and easier mowing
  • You do not need mortar to achieve a tight fit between interlocking pavers

Interlocking Pavers Gulf City

When someone thinks of an interlocking paving stone one often gets the idea of dog bone shape stones that fit together like a jigsaw puzzle. That is not the case at all. The interlocking comes from the fact that each stone can not move independently from its neighbor. In fact there are two important aspects of an interlocking paving stone job that keeps the pavers interlocked.

The first aspect of holding together the interlocking pavers is the sand. As simple as this might seem the sand creates the interlock. Not any sand though, it must be a sharp angular sand (known as Joint Sand and Polymeric Sand) that will lock together. If the joints are filled between the pavers with silica sand, each particle is perfectly round, it’s like putting ball bearing between the pavers and they will then be able to move independent of the stone next to them. Pavers are made with a small ridge on the side of each one so there is space for the sand.

The second important aspect is the edge restraints (better known as the border that is holding the pavers together). Since they are sitting in sand not mortar if the edge is not held firmly in place they could start to spread apart. This would create larger and larger opening between the pavers that would eventually be so wide that there would no longer be friction between the stones.

Brick Pavers Gulf City Florida

We have completed countless jobs in our 25+ years of operating on the Gulf Coast of Florida. We encourage you to read our reviews as well as our competitors reviews and see the differences and why we are continually we receiving 5/5 star reviews for our work.

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