Outdoor Kitchens Apollo Beach | Outdoor Living Spaces in Apollo Beach

Expand your indoor lifestyle to involve the great outdoors of Apollo Beach and experience the elegance and convenience of a custom designed gourmet outdoor kitchen and BBQ masterpiece.

Dynamite Outdoor Kitchens in Apollo Beach utilizes only the highest quality equipment and expert masonry, Dynamite Outdoor Kitchens will transform your ideas into elegant reality.

Outdoor Kitchens are a great place where friends and families can gather and relax. This is especially true due to the excellent weather for outdoor entertaining here in the Apollo Beach area. Additionally, an outdoor kitchen adds value to your home by creating a functional and attractive addition to the property. There are many types and styles of outdoor kitchens, from a simple small barbeque grill, to elaborate designs that integrate the styling cues from your home and other landscape features.

With the addition of an outdoor kitchen, you may find yourself cooking more, and being more adventurous with what you cook and how you prepare it. This is due to the ease of clean up and maintenance outdoor kitchens allow by utilizing a spacious, well thought out layout.

We have found that locating the outdoor kitchen close to the indoor kitchen of the home encourages usage, as the outdoor kitchen becomes almost an extension of the indoor one.

Outdoor Kitchens Apollo Beach | Outdoor Living Apollo Beach

What do the Best Outdoor Kitchens in Apollo Beach Have?

An Outdoor kitchen in can have many different types of designs. There are lots of different materials to accomplish different looks, such as wood, rocks, and natural stones.

One of the most important features of an outdoor kitchen are the counter tops.

Countertops are often made of granite and tile. Outdoor kitchen counter tops are set between 36” to 39” high. Bar Heights are 42” to 44” and should cantilever 10-12” to allow leg room. Most counter tops should be at least 36” deep. Depending on how much space the grill needs to open between grill and back splash.

How Do I Help Create the Best Outdoor Kitchen for My Home?

Having a great plan, and well thought out goals for your outdoor kitchen will help achieve the best results. Dynamite Outdoor Kitchens can help you with the planning and design process by answering any questions you may have, and making recommendations based on our years of outdoor kitchen installation experience in and around the Apollo Beach Fl area.

Here are some questions to that should be considered when developing your goals and plan:

  • Have a budget. This may be one of the most important factors in the design phase as it will establish limits and help your decision making process.
  • Know and list your goals for the outdoor kitchen.
  • How many people do I plan to serve and entertain?
  • How much preparation space do I need?
  • How much storage space will I need?
  • What do I want to store outside?
  • Do I need a sink? Sinks add costs to the construction due to running water lines, etc.
  • What type of electric will I need. How many outlets will I need. Note that you may need a higher voltage outlet for a full size refrigerator. Factor in food preparation appliances, radio, crockpot, mixer, etc.
  • How often will I be using the outdoor kitchen to entertain?
  • What types of foods will I be preparing, will there be any special needs for these types of foods?
  • What type of grill option will be best? There are several options such as gas, propane, charcoal, pizza oven, etc. Do I need more than one grill?

Make sure to choose and design your outdoor kitchen around the answers to these questions so that you’ll utilize your kitchen to its maximum potential. Choosing equipment, burners, drawers, doors, refrigerators and accessories will affect the outcome of your finished product.

Dynamite Outdoor Kitchens recommends buying grills locally here in the Apollo Beach area, and will be glad to recommend a brand that will be right for your particular needs. Buying local will be an advantage as outdoor kitchen parts will wear and being able to get replacements and service later on will be easier.

You’ll want your outdoor kitchen to be safe, so venting a gas or propane kitchen is a must. It’s very important to put a couple of vents throughout the kitchens. Note that gas rises and propane settles, so the gas you use will determine where the vents are placed. Both natural gas and propane are usually available throughout the Apollo Beach area.

Below are a number cities that we service with our outdoor living services. We are not limited to these areas but want to give you an idea of our area.


Outdoor Kitchens Apollo Beach | Outdoor Living Spaces in Apollo Beach